I’ve known the bone-deep exhaustion you feel. For me, it came more from my discouragement, disillusionment, and despair than my mile-long to-do list. I just kept thinking, “how did I get here?” And the worst part? I couldn’t give up because so many people depended on me, but I just couldn’t face one more day, either.  The pain, the memories, and heartbreak devoured my every joy and peace until I just couldn’t go on. My perspective was that I was a failure, and that the agony would never let up.

Sound familiar?

Are you at the same point I was where the pain is just too intense? Are you working yourself to the bone, but so consumed by shame, guilt, and sorrow that it makes every waking moment an excruciating tight-rope walk?

Let me give you some amazing news!

It doesn’t have to stay that way!

After years of suffering, the Lord has healed me in places that I didn’t even know that I needed healing! He has comforted me, carried me, and encouraged me and I know for a fact that HE wants to do the same for YOU! And it’s easier and closer than you think!

Believe me, you can meet each day with joy again, walk through the day in peace again, and rest in His love again!

Believe me, your heart can overflow with gratitude again and you can look forward to your future again!

Walk with me on a new path to a truth-filled life overflowing with joy, peace and fulfilment! Join me in embracing the beauty of who GOD created YOU to be!

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