Let me walk with you on your healing journey!

Using the TotalBalance coaching method together with the unstoppable power of prayer, I trust God to be the Healer and Leader and rely on the Bible as the guide. If you want to walk in joy and freedom, let me help you discover where trauma and loss has affected your life, what limiting beliefs and unmet needs are connected to that. Through examination, understanding, and acceptance, you WILL begin to experience healing and wholeness.

In your busy life, you’ve worked yourself to the bone to make sure that your past doesn’t affect those around you, right? Your pain is so intense, but no matter how hard you try, the effects are more than you can bear. Feeling overwhelmed and imprisoned, you wonder what you are doing wrong. Truth be told, you’re angry with God. You’ve gone through so much but God still hasn’t given breakthrough no matter how hard you’ve tried or worked or cried. Abandoned. Hopeless. Desolate. Empty. This is your everyday reality, but one you face. Alone.

Don’t. Not anymore. I’m here to walk with you.

I’ve been broken with pain more agonizing than I can describe. I was tormented by the discrepancy between desperately wanting to be a good wife and mother as well as a good Christian but being inherently incapable of pulling it off. I couldn’t see past the pain of my traumas and losses to a day when the pain wouldn’t be in every thought and feeling I had. In the end, I didn’t see any way out.

But there was. And there is!

With the TotalBalance method of coaching and the power of prayer, we can work together to help you receive a whole new sense of wholeness and balance in your life where you’ll not only be able to accept your story, but embrace your journey.

If you are ready to take the next step towards living a joyful, peaceful, and purposeful life, then I invite you to book a free 30-minute clarity call with me! Let’s walk out this journey together!

Ready to take the next step? Choose your coaching package!

Foundational Accelerations Package – $75/session

In just 6 months (20 sessions) we’ll uncover everything that’s holding you prisoner, and together we’ll cut the ties to your past. In addition, we’ll find the momentum today to  launch you into your destiny tomorrow so you’ll walk in sustainable freedom and joy. Sessions are billed in advance monthly. (Cat. B: $56; Cat. C: $37)

Solid Foundations Package – $79/session

In 3 months (10 sessions) we’ll uncover the pain and lies that are holding you prisoner to traumas and grief and learn strategies to gain sustainable freedom. Sessions are billed in advance monthly. (Cat. B: $59; Cat. C: $39)

Individual coaching sessions – $82.50 / session (billed in advance) (Cat. B: $62; Cat. C: $41)

I want these programs to be accessible to everyone so I  charge based upon the Financial Category Nation List developed by Youth with a Mission. Please check the list to see which category country you reside in. 

Take the next step to freedom and joy and book your 30-minute clarity call!

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