Hi, I'm Tami!

Not even a single tear you’ve cried will be wasted! Let Him show you how dearly loved you are!

I’m Tami and soon I’ll be celebrating 50 years of life that God’s given me! Born and raised in gorgeous southern Wisconsin, I grew up memorizing the Word of God daily, not realizing that it would become the foundation it is in my life. I am the mother of 6 children – the oldest would be 27 and the youngest is nearly 16. After my first husband died in 2000 leaving me pregnant with a 2-year-old and 1-year-old, I remarried and moved to the Netherlands in 2005.

When my youngest started school, I went back to school myself and got my degree to teach middle school English. Frequently working until late in the night, I struggled every single day to give everyone everything I had, thinking that if I just was enough, it would numb the pain that I constantly felt.

In my perspective, I couldn’t ever get it right. I was always deficient.

The more frustrated I got, the angrier I became, and the more I felt the intense pain pulling me under.

I saw my life nearly exclusively through the veil of the pain that I carried. I endured pain from years of abuse from before I was married. I couldn’t seem to get past the pain of losing my first son and then, a few years later, my first husband. Many years had passed, but the pain seemed to rule my thoughts and cause me to see my life through a veil of grief, fear, and despair.

But today, my life is a so different.
In the past several years, I have walked through really miraculous healing that could only have been orchestrated by God Himself. He has truly become the cornerstone of my existence.
Does that mean that my past never hurts? Of course not! But that DOES mean that it does NOT rule me, my feelings, my thoughts, or my life!!!
I live with joy and expectation! I have a hope-filled perspective and am so excited to see what the Lord has waiting for me.
Do you need freedom from pain and your past in your own life? 
Let me walk with you on your journey to healing… to joy… to purpose… and to a transformed life!
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